Polluted Clean-up Waste
The OilClean system is so effective and fast-acting, it is used to pre-treat polluted waste such as booms, rags, fabrics, plastics and more.
Marsh & Wetlands
The OilClean system is ideal for marsh and wetland ecosystems. The non-invasive treatment system enhances natural ecology without harmful chemicals or pedestrian treading.
Deep Water Containment
A containment/bioremediation system is currently being developed for deep water applications. These specialized containment systems can be highly effective after skimming.
Beach Clean-up
Beaches may look clean on the surface, yet dangerous deposits of sub-surface oil will be exposed for decades if not treated from below. OilClean is a proven sub-surface beach treatment system.

OilClean is an advanced bioremediation system for oil-polluted water. Sophisticated, patented Control Panels distribute, monitor and regulate the flow of specialized oil-eating microbes, nutrients and oxygen.

OilClean is the best non-invasive oil remediation option. The independent devices are self-powered with remote monitoring capabilities. They can be placed and maintained without trampling, wiping or worse -- excavation of established marsh and wetland ecosystems.

Sensors continually measure water quality in the treatment zone and automatically regulate the flow of additives via the Control Panel to maximize remediation and restoration process.

The OilClean system can be utilized in any aquatic ecosystem or pre-landfill treatment for contaminated clean-up waste products.

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